Monday, November 10, 2014

Servicios informaticos
Servicios informaticos
We believe that computer security is a must in any business.
Badatek is a pioneer in managing the computer network security , as it took over a ten years to do so and work with major brands. Spent a lot of time to innovate in this area, as hackers , virus writers , spam , etc. .. No lie .
From the first contact with a new client , the first thing we do is perform a security audit and then implement the necessary products and services , firewall , antivirus, etc ...
Computer maintenance

Tecnico informatico

Booming cybercrime
Lately much news like this " Stolen 250,000 Twitter accounts " or " two hackers Detained by 14,000 cyberattacks " that echo in different newspapers , and so countless cases do no more than to show that the rapid progress that are experiencing new technologies , especially the Internet, make it a very dynamic scenario that fit additional criminal behavior .
One of the most booming cybercrime and diversification in recent years has been the PHISHING , or id theft .
It is in this context that has come to talk about computer crime , computer crime or computer crime .

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