Monday, September 30, 2013

Common! It's Not All About Luck
Common! It's Not All About Luck
I really am getting serious bursts of laughter upon reading the statements and posts of those people. Do these people really believe that you have to rely on luck or faith while playing ANY game for money (online or offline it doesn't matter). When I see what people believe I am actually not 'entertained' - deep within I am feeling bad, I feel sorry for them, I guess. But. I have to laugh, it's really crazy. It's something like those painful fall compilations - people laugh but actually it's really nothing humorous there!

Anyhow there is One important difference in this comparison. People laugh seeing someone else acting like a dumb-as, will get hit with something in a face etc. because they are actually happy it's not them, LOL. Right? Well, what I am saying here is not entirely the same - I am glad I do not lose tons of money while 'waiting the miracle of luck' to bless me, that is true, yet I was once one of them so I look on these lousy people words and deeds bit differently, I guess. Point is - Yes you may be on right place, clean and devoid of any spooky things (just like the website I play on most of the time and therefore I posted the link for you here in) however if you do not know HOW to play, well - good luck!!!!

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