Monday, October 28, 2013

Less Mean, More Green: Advice On Green Energy
Less Mean, More Green: Advice On Green Energy
These days, the importance of protecting the environment is stressed everywhere we turn. Protect the environment and save money with green energy. The following article provides great information on the different ways you can incorporate green energy technology into your home today.

Your furnace filters should be cleaned monthly and replaced yearly. Adding filters to your warm-air registers is not a bad idea, either. These filters keep children's toys, dirt or dust from clogging the heating ducts.

Use windows covering for when you're not home. This keeps the inside of your home cooler or warmer, depending on the season, and reduces your energy bill. Southern facing windows receive the most sunlight. Dark, lined curtains, roman shades or roller shades may be something to consider using on your windows.

Get rid of your old tank-style water heater, and change it with a modern tankless model. Although tankless heaters require electricity or gas to heat water, they only do this on the amount you need as opposed to storing it in a large tank that is kept hot all the time. There are tankless heaters designed to not only provide one area with hot water, but also to heat entire houses.

Instead of using the dryer, dry your laundry outdoors when weather permits. Sunlight will dry your clothing for free and the summer breeze will let it rest smelling amazing. They will smell better than anything emerging from a dryer. Additionally, you will end up saving a lot of money each month on utility bills.

One thing you might consider is heating your water with solar water heaters. If you live somewhere where you don't have to be concerned with temperatures that are freezing, you can use a system that circulates water through the solar heater before it gets pumped into your home. Don't get rid of your conventional water heater though you may need it if it's cloudy when you're ready to use hot water.

Use the tips discussed here to minimize your own impact on the environment and become energy efficient. The money you save alone makes it worth it.

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