Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Healthier and Effortless Cinnamon Bread Recipe

Healthier and Effortless Cinnamon Bread Recipe
You may possibly have your possess favored foodstuff for breakfast or snack, but for me, cinnamon bread is the one particular that I constantly enjoy to bake every single early morning. This delightful cinnamon bread is best associate with very hot choco or espresso. The quite explanation why I enjoy cinnamon bread is due to the fact of its overall health positive aspects that we could gain from it.

Cinnamon is made up of minerals like fiber, calcium, manganese and iron. It also will help our blood sugar stages turn into steady. As a subject of simple fact, American Diabetic issues Affiliation suggests cinnamon for diabetic men and women to support management their insulin stages and was established powerful.

So for today’s recipe, we’ll deal with about generating the ideal and effortless cinnamon bread. See underneath for the total approach as properly as its substances.


three cups of all-function flour

one/two cup of sugar

two teaspoons of yeast

one teaspoon of cinnamon

one teaspoon of salt

one teaspoon of baking powder

one cup of milk

one/two cup of butter

two massive eggs

one cup of cinnamon chips

Cinnamon-Sugar, for topping

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